Sunday, 4 September 2016

SCA Summer Cleaning Challenge #SCASummerClean

The house is pretty much trashed after the summer holidays; the washing pile is a mountain in the making where the dust bunnies roam free.   

Back to school tomorrow and with it an overwhelming urge to scrub the place from top to bottom!  Luckily I am all kitted out ready thanks to SCA.

Although today we made a start, I rallied the troops and managed to coax my youngest to help.  The sight of the green rubber gloves and a colourful duster from SCA (one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of consumer tissue products including toilet paper, household towel and facial tissues) as part of their Summer Cleaning Challenge delivery swayed him to help. 

It’s a good idea getting assistance if you can, it can really speed the process up!  My boys are quite handy with a duster and a Hoover, eldest is quick to make a cup of tea too!  Useful if you need a refreshment break before carrying on in earnest.

Youngest made a sterling effort dusting our many canvas prints.

He also scrubbed the coffee table clean, which previously had an interesting tale to tell in the shape of cereal that had hardened onto its top!  

Although I am not sure the dog appreciated being dusted… (But I couldn’t fault his dedication to getting the place spick and span!).

I hate it when the house is messy!  So we did have a big de-clutter recently, you can get a bit carried away when you have children and get overrun with toys.  It’s a good idea to sort these out fairly regularly and get rid of any that are broken or they have outgrown.  The extra space made it easier to get cracking with the housework.  Although I would advise to do the sorting when they are not in sight, otherwise everything will end right back where it came from!

I have also given the boys a few responsibilities, every morning I like them to make their beds and add their pyjama’s into the wash basket downstairs.  It’s getting to the point I don’t have the energy to do everything myself, they need to get involved too.  You can link what they do to how much pocket money they get or other treats like earning screen time (the biggest motivator here!).

We have also made one room a sanctuary from the boy’s chaos (sorry I mean toys!) – I like to keep that space shipshape in case a visitor suddenly popped around unannounced!  I could at least offer them somewhere comfortable to sit and drink their cup of tea without them having to manoeuvre around LEGO, cars and mini characters.

Prioritise what you want to achieve when cleaning, if you blitz the house each day you will be exhausted so instead aim for a happy balance.  As long as the kids have clean clothes, the place smells nice (enough) and your not tripping over toys every five minutes count yourself blessed!  You can always achieve a show home if you so desire when your children are older, until then make the most of them and cherish your moments together.


  1. My two returned to school last week and I started the cleaning blitz straight away! I'm convinced every room has at least one piece of Lego in it!

  2. So good to get the kids involved with cleaning and tidying up. Mine don't go back until Weds but I have already gutted most of the house as I needed a sense of organisation back again! lol Mich x

  3. Can you send him round to do mine please - dusting is one of my least favourite jobs

  4. Why do they love the dusting?! Mine are exactly the same - rubber gloves and a duster and they're away!

  5. Cleaning is always a bit easier if you have a little help.