Friday, 9 September 2016

Supporting the boys in their career plans

My children have had lots of different ideas about what they would like to be when they grow up.  I love how they have no constraints on their dreams when they are young, they are full of hope and optimism they really could be anything they want.  Life hasn’t dampened their spirits. 

Eldest varies from doctor, to singer to engineer and youngest was quite keen to be a farmer at one point!  Although how adorable does he look as a mini builder.

Whichever route they decide to go down they will have my full support, they have to make their own career choices and I can just give them a helping hand along the way – I better start saving though as studying can be quite expensive as they progress to university and beyond…

According to this infographic by DeluxeMaid 80% of people are unhappy in their job!  

So it’s probably important to try and find something that really interests you.  My husband likes the challenge of his job, I wouldn’t say it’s his dream job as he probably would have suited something to do with IT (computer game development!) but I like to think he is satisfied enough with his lot.  He has been promoted so is obviously a valued member of the team.

But the 80% statistic is a huge amount of dissatisfaction in the workplace.  I wanted to be a vet when I was younger but that never quite panned out, you need to be very determined and although I liked biology I did not want to focus completely on the sciences.  Now I am a blogger, which fits in well with family life, it’s flexible and can be quite rewarding, not on the scale of saving animals lives perhaps but still I am happy enough in my work!  I get to be my own boss and manage my own schedule, yes I occasionally have the odd run in with an unpleasant PR but on the whole my experiences have been very positive.

The infographic suggests letting your children explore their own options because if you dictate what they should do too much it will lead to depression in the future.  I try and just let them experience new things to see if it sparks an interest (a visit to Kidzania is good to try your hand at lots of different job roles).  

My two surgeons #kidzanialondon @kidzanialondon #holiday #activity x

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I could probably do more but its hard school days are long and when they come home they like to relax and unwind.

Whatever happens give your children lots of praise and encouragement they might not follow the path you hoped but its their life to lead.  Just be ready with money for further education and help them get decent work experience opportunities.  I did my work experience in the veterinary surgeons and it was very enlightening, my husband did his work experience in the local video hire shop - he just wanted the easy option at the time as they let you clock off early and he was allowed a couple of free rentals a night!  But I am sure even there he still learnt some valuable things.

I am quite excited about what the future will hold for my two boys.  They mean the world to me so their happiness is more important than a big salary or a company car, I will be proud they have found something they enjoy.

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