Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tempted by a British Road Trip

Half term will be around in less than seven quick weeks; my husband actually has booked this school holiday off (I swear sometimes he claims he can’t just so he takes holidays in term time instead and have peaceful days whilst the boys are at school!!!).  Whereas if he knows we are all off I will want us to go off on some kind of adventure, I love creating memories and visiting new places.

I quite fancy doing something in the UK again, I felt inspired reading this Great British Family Road Trip article.  With over 200,000 miles of roads ready to explore we still have plenty more to see and do.  I want to do as General Manager of My Voucher Codes Chris Reilly says, “pack up a picnic and map and see where the road takes you”.

I am keen to take out National Trust membership using the MyVoucherCodes offer; you even get a free pair of binoculars when you sign up through them perfect for watching birds and other wildlife.  Eldest spotted a Moorhen sitting on a nest looking after its eggs.

I don’t know why we haven’t bought membership already as we have visited a fair few times over the years.  I am finding that castles, big manor houses and expansive grounds to discover interests the boys much more now they are getting older.  Plus once you have paid for annual membership you can visit all the National Trust attractions without extra charge.  Believe it or not there are 500 places you can visit – which includes gold mines and woods on top of the usual castles and gardens!  So its not like you will run out of places to visit anytime soon...

The boys can burn off lots of energy running free and if they get too much I can confine them to the stocks (these are in Chirk Castle if you want to do the same!).

Visiting attractions can be where forever memories are made!  I love looking back over pictures of our days out and feeling blessed to have my beautiful boys and that precious time together. 

Powis Castle they ticked off more of their 50 things to do before you turn 11 ¾.  If you get the complete list you will have even more inspiration for things to do with your children (whilst your on your British road trip!).

When we went to Erddig youngest cooked on his first campfire!  He looks so proud of himself.

Which National Trust attractions do you recommend? I would love some more ideas so I can add stops to my road trip schedule.


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't even think about half term... My eldest doesn't go back to school until tomorrow!! But I do like your plans for half term. A family road trip sounds fun. I was once a National Trust member when my kids were babies, as it was a cheap day out with them! Have fun with your plans.

  2. We have been tempted by a National Trust membership, so many different places to see and explore

  3. We have been to so many over the years, but we haven't been to any over the summer so we have some catching up to do.

  4. We have an English Heritage membership and it's the best money we spent x x

  5. I would love a National Trust Membership so many wonderful places to visit, I'm sure the kids would love it too.

  6. I have just bought NT membership, bugger, didn;t know they had an offer on

  7. We are off to Holland at half term and can not wait, espeically as we did lots of UK stuff over the summer