Saturday, 10 September 2016

Top tips to help with colic

You have just had your amazing bundle of joy and a few weeks in you have hit the crying stage, you might wonder what on earth is going on... 

My second child in particular had quite a bit of trouble with trapped wind.  The health visitor suggested different techniques regarding how we held him to help him feel better.  But I remember it being a trying few months that was quite difficult for everyone. 

Our youngest seemed so unhappy; it must have been very uncomfortable for him dealing with colic.  We took turns looking after him pretty much all evening when it was at its worst, trying to settle him down and stop him crying.  

It seemed to go on for a long time but it was probably only a couple of months in reality.  We would be pacing back and fourth till midnight or 1am.  Knowing that we ourselves needed to get to bed ready to face an early start with our toddler.

You get to the point you would do anything to make things better, your usual techniques might help some of the time, so for us it was a lot of human contact, being carried and held – but they weren’t always effective.  It was good to be part of a tag team, having my husband on hand to take turns stopped us from being as exhausted.  One of us could get a break from the crying, eat our dinner and then come back refreshed to help again.  Don’t feel hard on yourself if you’re finding it a tough time.

We did have infacol at hand to deal with baby trapped wind but there are lots of other valuable techniques you can try.  Baby massage became a regular part of our bedtime routine after a nice warm bath and that in part helped relax our little ones and ease them off to sleep.

The health visitor had a little session at the doctor’s surgery showing how best to massage your baby, so it might be worth seeing if your health visitor offers anything similar.  Failing that ask other mums what they do, you might learn some helpful advice and make a new friend in the process.

After a feed its important to gently rub their back, I was always amazed with how much wind they had!  It all becomes like second nature after your baby arrives, you fall into a routine and pick up quickly how best to care for them.  I also found it better if I sat them up more to feed not let them lie down.

Although dealing with colic is tough at the time take heart in the fact it’s only for a very short period in your lives and hopefully following these tips will help you have a happier baby.

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