Sunday, 25 September 2016

Wardrobe Training

I have mentioned before all the plans for our master bedroom, I am still debating my wardrobe, part of me would like walk-in wardrobes, because my husband has a habit of dropping his clothes all over the floor when picking out his next outfit.  Least with a separate space I could close the door on the mess and pretend its not happening.  It’s worth a try anyway.

Least then when it comes to tidying up I can just turn a blind eye because it’s tucked out of sight rather than in full view getting in the way of my Feng Shui – because you know I am all for making my environment work for me.  I want a calming space and there is nothing calming about hubbie’s clothes being EVERYWHERE.  I can feel myself getting tense, untangling his pants from his work trousers AGAIN, folding down the sleeves on his work shirts AGAIN and asking him which of his clothes actually need washing and which should be on hangers… like every day of my life, its like groundhog day on repeat forever.  If you have trained your husband please share your tips I would be very grateful.

It’s a stretch but possibly having that dedicated space for clothes (obviously a wardrobe on its own is not a big enough clue for him!) he might and only might get the hang of putting his clothes away properly.  I also quite like the sound of having a walk in wardrobe, its so much more fancy than what we own already, so even if he still doesn’t improve at least I will get more satisfaction when it comes to picking up clothes from the floor when I look around a gorgeous walk-in wardrobe.

Seriously if it looked like this I am sure even hubbie dearest would quit going round littering the area with his clothes, it would inspire him to be organised and put things in the right places.  

I mean it has so many little shelves and drawers it would be more practical surely it would encourage him to do the right thing by his clothes (and me!).

Failing that I would be happy with made-to-measure sliding door wardrobes, I love the sophistication of not having handles anywhere!  So much more streamlined and this design blends into the background.  I love the glass panels most of all as they reflect back and make the room look so much bigger.  They also capture the light from the windows and brighten the space.  

Yes one day I will have the wardrobes I want, actually with everything taking so long I guess at least it gives me more time to tackle hubbie!

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