Sunday, 16 October 2016

AEG T88595IS Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Review

You know I am sure appliances shouldn’t excite me this much!  But the AEG T88595IS Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is such a clever machine.  I was only too glad to see the back of my previous machine, admittedly the AEG is more expensive (£849) but you can tell it’s a better quality appliance all round.

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For one I like that I can now see how long is remaining of the cycle.  It was always guesswork with the last machine, as it did not have a display to let me know.  I feel more organised planning my day when I have a visual countdown to work with.  

It also came with an optional draining kit which means you don’t have to manually empty the water out after each cycle, it can then drain out of your existing washing machine waste water pipe - another useful time saver. 

We have also found it quieter, usually the boys would grumble they could hear the old machine when they were trying to sleep but so far so good with the AEG T88595IS and for that I am truly grateful!  Come bedtime I want the boys to sleep without disruption as mummy is frazzled by then and ready for wine...

It is very efficient on energy usage; the energy class is A++ this pleases my dad no end as he panics about how much I rely on my tumble dryer.  In the good old days air-drying might have been all the rage, but it’s not for me.  Plus with intelligent OptiSense making sure clothes are never unnecessarily over-dried you can’t go wrong with this model.  I wonder if I can even convert my dad!

The reason I am a huge fan of tumble drying is I get fed up of hanging clothes out only for a bird to splatter my fresh laundry with its droppings or it starts to rain and you have to collect it all back in and start again!  Plus never mind just drying the clothes you normally then have the arduous task of ironing to face, life is too short for any of that nonsense.  I just want to chuck the clothes in the tumble and take them out looking crease free and ready to wear!  

Even better still I best not admit how good the AEG new tumble dryer really is and pretend I have spent the entire day ironing – whilst really I have your feet up watching Netflix letting this sophisticated machine do ALL the hard work for me.  As I really am dependent on my tumble dryer, it’s important for me to get the right model and finally I have found it.

The fluff collector (okay filter probably sounds more technical) did not full up as fast as my old machine.  I think it’s a good indicator that the AEG is generally a gentler machine.  Handy as I like to tumble everything whether its delicate or not, I haven’t got time to give a garment special treatment – us mum’s are pressed for time.  But AEG has taken care of that with its unique AbsoluteCareTM System – it tailors its temperature and drum speed to the type of fabric your tumbling.

So can a new tumble dryer transform my life? It’s early days but so far I would say YES.

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  1. I am so jealous. I would love a tumble dryer butility I've no where to put it.
    This sounds fab

  2. This looks superb, I am quite envious. I don't have access to outside space where I can dry things so my tumble is super well used. Mich x

  3. I'm sure my dryer is on its way and this is not the time of year to be without one! I need to start thinking about a new model.

  4. That looks fab! I got rid of my tumble drier when we moved house as it was a bit of a money eater and not having it saved me an absolute fortune but I think they've come on loads in the last few years and are much more energy efficient these days x

  5. I could not live without my tumble dryer! Love the look of this one x

  6. My tumble drier is on its last kegs sadly, doesn't dry anything well anymore. Will keep this in mind for when it finally dies

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