Thursday, 13 October 2016

And so the renovation continues #windows

When we bought our latest home over two years ago we had to have 33 new windows, it cost us a small fortune and although I am very happy with the end result I do occasionally wonder if we could have done it more economically!  Especially as we are still working our way through the loan payments…

My husband is very quick at picking things up, from laying laminate flooring to fixing laptops.  Basically if something needs doing he figures it out, me on the other hand I can read an instruction manual 10 times and still be none the wiser!  He is such a practical person it’s impressive seeing him in action.  I am more a “let’s call someone in to help” kind of person – but additional help comes at a premium.

If you’re a natural at DIY its probably a good idea to try to complete as much as you can, it saves a princely sum if you can try your hand at something.  If your like me though I probably wouldn’t recommend it as you might cause more chaos and not pay enough attention to the important things, like in this case existing damp courses or I would block the vents in the window!

We still have a couple of windows to go as we did not get round to replacing the ones in the loft, I am debating buying some windows from Quickslide and letting hubbie have a go at installing them.  They are out of sight so if he layers on the insulation yellow stuff they use (yes I really don’t know the technical term for that!) too thickly it’s no biggie, he can enjoy the challenge and learn by trial and error.  You can find lots of advice on the Internet and in-depth video’s showing how it should be done.  Plus I won’t moan at him if it doesn’t quite go to plan as I don’t like the loft its full of spiders – so he can be left in peace to sort it out.

I do like these windows with the mounted astragal barsin at the top, our house is quite old and traditional so windows like that might have been more in keeping with our house.

I am hoping our windows have many more years to go, but when the new 33 ones start to fail in the future, I really don’t want to spend so much again.  If you do fit your own windows you will have to tell building control but this is the case if you use a fitter that is not FENSA registered, I don’t quite remember how much it cost us, but it wasn’t too bad.  Certainly not no-where near enough to put you off the savings achieved by ordering your own windows and fitting them yourself.

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  1. 33 windows, crikey I wouldn't like to have that window bill