Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fleet Air Arm Museum Visit

My boys really enjoyed their recent visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum there was so much to see and do.  It was a very interactive exhibition with lots for them to engage with and all the while very educational.

Museums can be tricky with children they can get bored and lose interest, but here they got to venture onboard a Concorde (the cockpit is something to see with all the buttons!), sit inside a life raft, watch a Royal Navy helicopter take off from one of the viewing galleries and wonder around the realistic aircraft carrier experience after arriving on it by a rather convincing “helicopter flight” (you could feel all the vibrations and sounds!).  Yes I can confidently say the boys had a memorable time, which would have been well worth the entrance cost.  I would recommend booking in advance online to save 20% on your visit just to make it even more affordable.

Leave plenty of time for your visit as it does take a good few hours to get round everything (the museum is vast!), I think we stayed about three and a half hours but could have managed longer if we had read all the displays and information available.  

My boys tended to stand in awe of the various aircraft and soak up the atmosphere of the place, but they still learnt lots of new things.  The collection of aircraft is very impressive.  Aside from the Concorde they also could go on-board a Search and Rescue Sea King Helicopter, which pleased them no end.

There are lots of screens dotted around with games to play all helping them learn more about aviation history.  A definite highlight was listening to a short and entertaining presentation about the role of pigeons in the military.  It was interesting and the volunteer who did the talk really captured the boys attention.  Pigeons played a fundamental part in the war and it was fascinating learning more.

The volunteers as a whole were knowledgeable and friendly, my boys were allowed to wear dapper outfits and we could take pictures in front of a rather fancy Aston Martin (the owner kindly brings it to the museum and was lovely, showing us the engine and even letting the boys have a go in the driving seat!).

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Its worth a return visit too as the museum regularly rotates the aircraft they have on display some of which you cannot see anywhere else in the world!


  1. What a fabulous place. We've visited an aircraft museum before but it wasn't so interactive as this.

  2. This looks fantastic. What a great place to visit. Love the photos xx

  3. I LOVE this place and will have to take the boys. I remember going when I was a child in 1981 and got to sit in a helicopter and talk to chaps who had just come back from the Falklands when on holiday with my family in Cornwall.

  4. I remember visiting here when I was a child , many years ago! Xx

  5. That looks like a great day out, will have to check it out if we are in the area!

  6. We really want to visit here but haven't got around to it yet. I remember going on Concorde here as a child

  7. Looks like a great place to visit, it's the type of place my dad would have taken us when we were kids!