Thursday, 6 October 2016

Getting Fit Fast!

I am feeling a bit down about my belly wobble, my friends say you have nothing to worry about but it still is a dent in my confidence.  Prior to having children my tummy was never an issue, I was quite happy with my figure, but as the years have passed me by I don’t feel so happy with the way I look. 

I try not to go on about it in front of the children, as I don’t want them to ever think they are anything less than perfect and hubbie is always complimentary, but it still weighs on my mind, if I could just tone it up I would be more positive about how I look.  I am always worried people will think I am pregnant again because it has no definition anymore.

I tried cutting back on sugar before but it was quite short lived because my cravings got the better of me, I did do about two weeks of clean living then folded as it was a miserable existence for me without some cake or chocolate to enjoy!  I also am not very good at saying no, so if I just plan on having a cup of tea and hubbie brings in a packet of biscuits all my good intentions go out the window and I start munching on them even if I’m not hungry!  It’s a bad habit, Netflix on and the snacking commences.  I should get an early night just to stop myself ingesting so many calories before I nod off!

Join the gym or hire a personal trainer

My friend lives in London and she has slimmed down and looks incredible.  I know she walks her dog a lot and is very active that way but it can be worthwhile joining a gym too.  I think once you have paid for a subscription it makes you go, because you want to get value for money.  Or alternatively searching for a personal Trainer East London could give you the one to one attention you need.  They can target the area your working on and help you stay on track.  You can get a free consultation with this personal trainer in London to see how they could help you reach your goal (for me it’s returning my tummy to my pre-child rearing days!).

Drink more water

Often our body mistakes thirst for hunger, so its worthwhile keeping yourself topped up with fluids.  Water helps break down fat so its vital you drink enough during the day.  If you cannot tolerate water on its own try adding a slice of lemon to make it more interesting.  Although I don’t mind drinking water I find it refreshing on its own, although I never seem to get through the required amount…

Drink Green Tea

Apparently according to an article I read green tea can reduce tummy fat!  So perhaps I should try and drink the stuff, so far I haven’t liked the taste but if it’s going to tackle my tummy problem then maybe its time that changed.

Cut back on the wine

This would be a big sacrifice indeed but those glasses of wine slow down how efficiently you burn fat in your body.  If it’s a choice between a flat stomach and my beloved Bigfoot wine then I am torn.

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