Monday, 3 October 2016

Heated Towel Rails: Stylish & Practical

Our main bathroom is distressed (and not in a good way!), the house was a business before and all the bathrooms were adapted for the needs of the residents.  We have yet to get round to revamping them (well ripping them out completely might be a better plan of action!).  I can’t wait for us to get cracking, its all I can think about what I lie in the bath surrounded by my far from relaxing haven.  No amount of bubble bath and candles can get round that.

I would love some sophistication like you see in some of the nicer hotels we have stayed in; they have some great features that I would like to incorporate, some things out of my budget others probably more manageable.

I really want to add an electric towel rail and have been looking on sites such as for inspiration as they don’t seem too expensive.  They also have a useful radiator guide so you can make sure whatever you pick outputs enough heat for the size of the room.  We did something similar already for other rooms but this guide seems more in depth, as it also asks about whether the room is north facing and asks you to narrow down your location a map.

I like that electric towel rails are dual purpose heating the room and warming your towels.  They also look more attractive than your average radiator (especially ours which seems to have been plumbed in backwards!).  These clever towel rails really are a stylish addition and also very functional – who doesn’t want to step out of the bath straight into toasty towel.  It’s handy if you have young children too as you don’t want their temperature dropping too much at bath time when winter sets in but not everyone can afford to turn on the heating for the whole house just to do that.

It would be a shame to change our bathroom without adding one; we would have somewhere to dry our towels without it taking up any more space in the room.  Being independently controlled you can switch it on when you want without having to heat up the rest of the house, much more convenient and better all round in terms of energy usage – especially in our house when you have to fire up the geriatric boiler!  I am all for ways to be more efficient with energy, especially when eventually we will have three bathrooms up and running.  It would make sense to install electric towel rails in all three, its that or run around turning off the valves for all the other radiators in the house and I seriously cannot be doing with that kind of hassle in my life.  I am all for minimum fuss and effort. 

Although you find electric towel rails as standard in most luxurious hotels, they are actually really affordable to buy; more and more people are seeing the obvious advantages and converting to electric towel rails!  I just wish I was not so late joining the party.  The designer models have gone ultra modern and I am not quite ready for them, but they would suit contemporary themes perfectly.

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