Monday, 10 October 2016

Mauritius: 3 Great Attractions for Kids

Now October is here and there is a bit of a bite in the air it’s got me thinking about more exotic places to take the boys on holiday.  I want a change from Britain, we have done so many of the different attractions here the boys need new encounters and excitement and we could all do with some more sunshine!

The furthest we have travelled so far is Lanzarote and I want to be more ambitious with our travel plans next time.  Plus I love that Mauritius is hottest in January when its so cold here in Blighty!  Where better to escape the harsh winter. 

I want us working on those memories of a lifetime.  Mauritius has caught my eye because it has some incredible experiences there ideal for my two boys.  They are adventurous and keen explorers Mauritius sounds like the most perfect destination for them.  It sounds fun but also educational, I do like to enrich their lives with more profound attractions and events.  There is a lot to do on the island but I have picked out three of my favourite.

Walking with lions

My youngest is crazy about lions and you can actually book a walking with lions session on the island.  You would never think you could get this close to such a majestic creature.  The team have lots of know-how in animal handling so you appear to be in very safe hands!

Meeting 100 year old tortoises

You can actually reach out and touch these gentle giant tortoises and even feed them leaves, certainly something interesting to tell your friends back home.  Mauritius sounds like such a unique place when it comes to animal encounters.

Mauritius Natural History Museum

My eldest is intrigued by the dodo which has featured in a few books he has read, the dodo was native to Mauritius so where better than the Natural History Museum to learn more and see an ancient dodo skeleton.  Even better its free admission!

If your tempted have a look at the Mauritius tourist information website to learn more about this beautiful island.

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