Saturday, 8 October 2016

My Dental Phobia

I am a bit worried about my teeth; one of the back ones feels jagged and rough as if some of the tooth has broken off!  It’s just a matter of building up the courage to book an appointment.  I have a bit of a dentist phobia, once I left it eight years before going and paid a heavy price, having root canal and multiple deep fillings.

It helps if you have a dentist you feel comfortable with, sadly our current one has a regular turnover in staff so you never feel like you have a chance to get used to anyone because come your next visit it will be someone else standing over you peering into your mouth!  Then I have to explain all over again how anxious I get being in the dentist chair, it’s not even just about pain, I don’t like teeth, when I brush mine I never have a good look at what I am doing, I think if I look too closely I will see all the problems with them…

I don’t want my nerves to rub off on the boys though so I do always try and look brave.  My teeth could be much better if I bothered flossing regularly.  But come bedtime I am exhausted and just want to get myself tucked up in bed as quickly as possible. 

I have lost a tooth and at first I thought I didn’t mind too much, but the more I think about it the more I would like to fill the gap!  Your smile is a huge part of your image, so even though it’s near the back lately I have found it knocks my confidence.  I was looking at dental implants on The Old Spire site, which are meant to have a more natural look.  Although it would mean braving that trip to the dentist!

In terms of going there though it looks like an attractive location, I would be so busy enjoying the beautiful stained glass that I would hopefully forget my fears.  I mean look at that for a treatment room, the light catching the glass and reflecting into the room.

Focusing on the things that make me happy like being in such a tranquil room would take the edge off, so I could perhaps begin to relax and feel the tension lift not focusing on the dental equipment but the finer details instead.  I do tend to get myself worked up, my heart beats ten to the dozen and my breathing gets a little unsteady.  I need to get over my phobia, because all I do is leave dental problems to get worse.

I like how Old Spire pitches a first class service – I am sure being so skilled they can cope with their most nervous patient to date.  It’s something I could bring up in the free consultation anyway, I want to get to the point I go into a dentist happily enough instead of having to be dragged in very reluctantly by my husband.  Check ups are so important because if you need a filling it can be small rather than progressively getting worse and worse to the point you lose the tooth!  Plus if you end up needing root canal to try and save the tooth it can be quite painful, although I don’t think I have always had the best choice of dentists before.  My very first one was ex Army and he had an interesting bedside manner, he was very sparing with the pain relief, it was grin and bare it and hope for the best.  So I wonder if some of my fears stem from those early experiences.  Mind you these modern dentists look much nicer, they hand out numbing gel and have quieter drills!  Yes that noise… (I better stop thinking about it or I will set myself off again!).

Are you a nervous patient or are you happy in the dentist chair?


  1. I wouldn't mind my dentist treatment room having a bit of sparkle to it to take my mind off where I am. I am very much a nervous patient and I am due to go back on Wednesday with the possibility of losing 2 teeth (old dentist missed a problem). I personally listen to the radio and usually get into trouble for trying to mime along haha x

  2. I find visiting the dentist very unpleasant! Great post x

  3. About a week before my dentist's appointment I start panicking. I might have an excuse if I had problems but I've never even had a filling!

  4. I never thought I'd say this but what an attractive looking dentists office! Those stained glass windows would definitely help keep your mind focused on something pretty - rather than the drilling! Well done on trying to overcome your fears.

  5. Have to say I never was scared of the dentist..although was a bit traumatic having 4 healthy teeth out in one go for braces. I started taking my youngest when she was 2 so she wouldn't be scared. Now at 4 she loves going to see the dentist

  6. I'm not a fan of the dentists at all but I try to be brtave so the kids aren't scared like me ;-)