Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nocto Bat for Halloween

My nine year old is a bit more discerning these days when it comes to toys.  It’s got to offer something quite exciting for him to bother.  Otherwise he is straight back on his bike or off to his room to read another book (he is a complete bookworm my boy!).  

Yet somehow Nocto Bat caught his attention; he likes anything that seems quite engaging and this is literally all singing and dancing.  The bat’s coloured lights (his eyes, wings and body illuminate) and sound effects add to the fun and if you play music to Nocto he will dance!

This interactive bat can do plenty for its retail price of £49.99, it looks great, let’s you play four different games (“Rock, Paper, Scissors”, “Fruit Bat Machine”, “Snap!” and “Ask Nocto?” and has 6 different moods (with accompanying sounds, lights and movements to match).  Seriously this bat can be as grumpy as eldest when it puts its mind to it!  But I can’t blame him, as I would be exactly the same if I were woken from a peaceful sleep with a poke to the head!

If your hoping to cut down your child’s sugar intake this Halloween perhaps gifting them one of these “swag” toys (in the words of my eldest!) might be adequate incentive instead.  Halloween seems to be celebrated on a bigger scale every year and Nocto Bat can quite happily be included in the build up.  This little fellow could also make the most perfect companion for your late night Trick a Treating.  Nocto Bat lights up and makes some interesting sounds giving you a bit of comfort when your out amongst the other creepy characters this Halloween. 

Then when you get home you can hang Nocto Bat from your bedroom door to deter unwanted guests (which in the case of my eldest would be myself no doubt or his younger brother coming to bother him when he’s midway through a book and doesn’t want to be disturbed!).  If he spots an intruder he will flap his wings and alert you with an alarm.

So for Halloween or just all year round Nocto is handy to keep you entertained and protected!

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  1. My son has seen this and really wants one - thanks for your review :)