Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Dining Room Transformed

Seeing as we have been full swing clearing credit cards it means that we can actually do our dining room early next year.  It looks so forlorn at the moment, the walls have been scrapped in places and the very old red paint can be seen underneath.  We have big holes in the wall from when the shelf was pulled down and after we got rid of the old fashioned fireplace it is in desperate need of being boxed in and re-plastered.  It really does feel like a never-ending project but I am excited that soon we will have momentum again and entertaining won’t be such an embarrassment.

I was getting lots of inspiration from Fishpools as its not a bad sized space to work with so we have quite a lot of freedom to add some extra furniture.  At the moment it’s turned into a dumping ground for the boys bikes and our outside table but they really need to be re-homed elsewhere. 

I am quite conscious of the state of the room because lots of people visiting the house see it, they don’t tend to go upstairs as much so the chaos in those rooms goes unnoticed.  I still remember a little boy coming for a playdate saying quite loudly “what happened in here?” – I think after awhile you tend to forget how bad it looks, you learn to live with it.  But I don’t want to live with it anymore!!!  We have really reined in what we spend, because we want to invest more into our property.  I am fed up with sorting out all its problems its time to work at making it look beautiful inside (or at the very least more comfortable and not quite such an eye sore!).

I love the bar stools, I cannot get over the choice available from quite classic to very modern.  Looking at the Imperial design I didn’t even know they made bar stools that lavish!  I would go for something simple though like the Gladstone, I don’t like to be too showy, as long as it’s practical – plus I like you have a choice of 15 different colours to choose from.  So whatever colour scheme we select on we can find something to suit.  

If I weren’t off drink at the moment perhaps a mini bar in the corner would be fun!  I have a few friends who would appreciate it that’s for sure, although I am positive it would be drunk dry after a few sessions…

I also want to dress the dining table like you see in show homes; it always looks more inviting somehow.  I will have to invest in more tablewear, that or I could get a pool table that converts into a normal dining table, they are quite pricey but with the bar and the pool table I am sure I would save a fortune going out with - I would have everything I need at home!

I really can’t wait to get cracking.  It’s hard as a blogger as you want nice pictures and whatever angle you go for in our dining room the end result looks distressed!!!

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