Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tiger Giveaway

If you have yet to visit a Tiger store you really must, everything is extremely well priced and beautifully presented, if your looking for a stylish or fun gift Tiger is the place to shop!  With products for the home, quirky gadgets and appealing edible treats you really will find something for everyone.  Tiger have come a long way since their first store opened in Copenhagen in 1995, they have a design team working extremely hard developing new products all the time. 

From the functional to the more novel, you will be hard pressed leaving Tiger with an empty basket.  I want to stock up on Danish butter cookies and coconut bars and the boys would be after the huge variety of boiled sweets.  My house would appreciate all the products full of character – the artwork especially.

The bright and cheerful Tiger stores are a pleasure to browse; you won’t be able to resist popping more and more products into your basket.  It must be a winning formula as Tiger are quickly expanding their stores across the UK, the combination of low prices and an attractive shopping experience obviously works.  Tiger have transformed discount shopping into something much more sophisticated.  You still have the bargain prices but the entire shop is very tasteful and fashionable.  I am not adverse to pound shops but Tiger have made the whole experience more palatable for a wider market.

Decking out your house with accessories can be expensive, but at Tiger you can quickly find everything you need to add a splash of colour for a lot less than you would think possible.

If you need inspiration for Christmas without breaking the bank I would definitely recommend Tiger.  I have teamed up with them to giveaway the Big Foot Giant Slippers (£15) as seen below.

And a rather fabulous mini table tennis set (£15).  

If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 12th of November.

Tiger Giveaway

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