Friday, 21 October 2016

Wildlife Photography Competition

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer then the latest wildlife competition from Rattan Direct might be for you.  Some gardens have plenty of choice from butterflies to badgers so then you have lots of scope regarding what shot you can take.  It helps if your garden is a haven for nature (more about this later); here on the other hand we are quite limited as a large chunk of ours is tarmac.

We do however have the odd visiting bee that we like to give some sugary water to help revive it, but I have yet to see a fox, rabbit or badger.  

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We did have a sheep escape from a field for a little bit but I don’t think that quite counts… plus once it saw the dog it was eager to jump back over the stone wall – so no time for a picture of him.

I would enter myself but other than the bee our dog tends to scare off all the wildlife from our garden.  Although we do have some wild birds that are quite persistent I think they prefer her to the neighbouring magpies.  I can’t blame them if I am honest, but they are quite flighty and nervous so it would mean making a little den hidden away so they don’t dart off.

If you want to try your luck though for the chance of a rather lovely table and chair set for your garden here are some tips:

To increase your chances of having wildlife visit so you can take pictures follow these 25 tips to encourage wildlife into your garden

Be patient for the opportunity to come along – it might take a long time to get the perfect shot but it will be worth the wait!

Learn more about the animal your hoping to capture – does it have a set routine so you can position yourself ready.  Can you do more to coax it out of its hiding place? such as leaving some food out that is suitable for it to eat.  Birds are grateful for seeds this time of year when the temperature starts to drop.

Take lots and lots of pictures, the more you take the better you become

Spend time learning all the features of your camera to get the best out of it

You don’t have long left to enter the competition so get snapping!  It closes on the 30th of October.

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  1. ooh I love capturing wildlife. It makes nature feel wonderful. I might have a go at entering x