Thursday, 24 November 2016

Childhood Dream Jobs

I sometimes wonder what my boys will do when they are older, we all have our childhood dreams but how many of us actually get to live them.  I wanted to be a vet and even tried it as my work experience with school but it never transpired to anything because I wasn’t keen on all my science subjects!  I love how when you’re younger though you don’t let practicalities get in the way of your daydreaming.  You just feel like you could achieve anything, anything at all, children can be so optimistic.

Eldest has mentioned before about becoming a doctor or being a builder, youngest was keen to be a farmer when he was little and then moved on to hopes for inventing something (he is always tinkering with things trying to turn them into something else!).  I think my two waiver between jobs though as the latest one for eldest now he’s rejoined football training is to be a sportsman.

Voucherbox had some interesting research on the subject of childhood dream jobs – they found that only 1 in 10 actually get to live their dream job as an adult.  I guess some of the jobs children want are unattainable – my eldest actually wanted to be a cartoon boy at one point!  You can read more about that particular gem here, but he thought the cartoons were actually real boys just with their faces painted…

The Voucherbox survey found that 18% wanted to save lives, 16% dreamed of becoming a professional sportsperson, with 13% longing to be educators and 11% aspiring to be a star of stage and screen.  It sounds like I was with lots of other girls with my dreams of being a vet - 34% of those surveyed wanting to save lives had the same aspirations as me.  

They also found that 1 in 4 felt sad they never got to live out there dream; I hope that won’t be the case for my boys.  I never got to be a vet but I am happy enough with my lot in life, blogging gives me complete flexibility to work around the needs of my two children in a way most jobs wouldn’t allow.  Although interestingly enough even for those that lived their dream job as a reality not everyone was happy – over a quarter found it didn’t meet their expectations, so if you are sad you didn’t get the career you hoped for do bare that in mind.  The grass might seem greener but it isn’t always!

I like how we now have experiences like Kidzania in the UK and children can role-play different jobs, I think experiences like that might well help shape the future direction of their careers and give them a better understanding of what the job will entail if they go down that line of employment.

Do your children have set ideas about what they would like to do in the future?

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