Monday, 7 November 2016

Dealing with Documents

My husband is a managing partner with it comes lots of additional responsibilities (and stress!) sometimes I quite like that I am a one man band working from home in my pyjamas.  Although I still have decisions to make, deadlines to meet and a prehistoric laptop to wait an eternity to boot it’s all quite laid back and relaxed here!  I have tea on tap and Netflix to keep me company.  No office politics or drama.

My husband on the other hand has lots of issues – apparently!  He has just had a new phone system installed at work and its been a bit up in the air, I don’t envy him, if anything has teething problems he gets it in the neck!  No holding back.  I can hide behind my emails.

When my husband does update things at work its important he does his research so things go as smoothly as possible.  He now wants to move with the times and go paperless.  If you saw the state of his office you would be behind that move too.  Sometimes you can barely see him for the mountain of documents on his desk!

He has been looking at document management software to find a suitable solution to his organisational woes.  I will keep you updated how he gets on.  It would be better if everything were easier to access, stored electronically with a sophisticated search engine so you can find what you need again afterwards.  I am not quite sure how filing works in his office at the moment, there might be some kind of structure to the document mountain but it’s hard to say!  I try and limit the amount of time I spend in his office if I am honest, just in case I lose sight of the door to get out again.  If he had the right software though his desk could be decluttered.

Given where he works secure file sharing is also a necessity!  Client confidentiality is very serious and you don’t want documents going astray.  People have a right to their privacy and only have it shared with appropriate people. 

To be honest if he had all these things under control he might be easier to life with!  Maybe I should give him some pointers to help him become super efficient, then he could benefit from more quality time with the kids and me.

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