Saturday, 12 November 2016

Finding Accessible Attractions

My father in law is not very mobile; he has a stick to get about and sometimes a mobility scooter.  He suffers a lot with his health and it’s really restricted where he goes; he does not tend to get out much anymore.  I guess he worries about how he will navigate obstacles he comes across outside the comfort of his familiar surroundings.

It can be claustrophobic though staying in all the time.  I don’t want him feeling like his world has narrowed because there are so many places that are still accessible.

Some locations even have mobility scooters available to hire, you might not be able to get around all of the grounds but more and more attractions are making themselves accessible to everyone regardless of their abilities.  They are putting more thought into installing ramps and lifts.

AGE UK have developed a comprehensive list with Silver Travel Advisor of accessible days out in Britain, so you see you really do have so much choice.

Look out for access plans that let you know which parts of an attraction are accessible by wheelchair, for example this one for Portmeirion Village shows that pretty much all of the site is wheelchair friendly.  

Portmeirion comes highly recommended by us, we really enjoy visiting - the coloured buildings are quite a sight and if you can time it for the Christmas food festival even better!  They had some incredible cakes for sale.

Whether you want to visit call ahead to reserve a wheelchair or mobility scooter, as usually attractions will only have a limited number available and its taking a risk that one you might be free otherwise.

Check out the facilities in advance, so much information is available online you can do your research to make sure any attraction will meet your needs before you visit.  Some sites even have webcams so you get a proper feel for a place before making the decision to leave the house!

Read reviews about the places you like the sound of, are the staff friendly and helpful, what kind of experiences have other wheelchair users had.  If it sounds very positive you can feel safe in the knowledge that things should go smoothly for you.

Don’t let anything put you off having an adventure; you can even buy used mobility vehicles to transport your wheelchair to your chosen destination so nothing has to stand in your way anymore.

Once you have travelled more extensively again you will find your confidence comes back and you can enjoy your freedom once more.

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