Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Get Ready for National Christmas Sock Day #socksie

Forget Christmas jumpers this year its all about SOCKS!  On Tuesday the 6th of December its officially the very first Christmas Sock Day and on this day of sock led festive cheer everyone must share #SOCKSIE selfies to show their support in beating children’s cancers. 

The socks will be on sale in TK Maxx stores and a percentage from each sale goes towards helping beat children’s cancers.  So not only are you getting into the Christmas spirit in one of the best ways possible you are also contributing towards vital fundraising that will make a world of difference and raising awareness for Cancer Research UK.

The socks are really lovely too, my pack of three had reindeers, little Christmas trees and star prints, so do pop in to your local TK Maxx store to pick up these exclusive socks and get involved in a very worthwhile campaign.

As charity initiatives go this one is sure to be a winner, what’s not to love about snugly cheerful Christmassy feet!  Prices start from £2.99 for children’s socks and £4.99 for the adults; they are super soft made from bamboo so comfortable and warm and perfect for the whole family!

So please do join the #SOCKSIE celebrations on the 6th, wear your TK Maxx Christmas socks proudly to work, school or at home and keep on sharing your pictures using the hashtag!  Further money will be donated for every #SOCKSIE selfie uploaded on facebook, twitter and instagram, so not only wear your socks but let everyone know your getting behind the campaign too!

Make a bit of a statement when you get out there and show off your socks.  Roll up your trousers or even wear shorts so it’s all about the socks!  Please do join the Christmas sock movement there really hasn’t been a better time.  Whether its socks with slippers, school shoes or sandals – just strut that sock!  Keep the rest of your clothes quite neutral so it’s all about the vibrant socks and everyone’s eyes are drawn to your ankles!  It's so exciting even my dog wanted to get involved!

Whether you decide to contain your new socks in a shoe or release them into the wilderness just make sure your using the #SOCKSIE hashtag and put your best sock forward on the 6th!

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  1. Oooh I didn't know about this! Very excited to be showing off my Christmas socks for such a fab cause and loving how your dog is also rocking the socks too!