Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Housework Hacks For Exhausted Cinderella’s

Do you ever feel like the housework never ends!  I feel I spend so long tidying up the clutter, that I only have time left for quick hover when I clear some space, a basket of washing put away and the dishwasher loaded and then my energies are pretty much exhausted.  I never feel I get to the other jobs, the deeper cleans I think a house needs every now and then.  You might have read about my cleaning pet hates before so might remember all the things that drive my crackers about cleaning!!!

The tiles no longer gleam, the surfaces could do with a proper scrub.  But there never seems enough hours in the day for keeping on top of everything.  I was thinking I could do with some housework hacks to improve matters so I am not sinking in housework… I haven’t got hours and hours to devote to cleaning, as my blog would certainly suffer.  So I need a happy medium of some helpful hints to speed up my progress.

For the kitchen I would LOVE to introduce perspex sheeting but the coloured acrylic variety for the splashback as it creates quite an impact yet with one quick wipe it’s all clean not like tiles, don't get me started on tiles they just seem to get very dirty in the middle and the grouting goes a bit yacky!  Who has time to give tiles the attention they deserve I am all for a complete sheet that can be cleaned on the go!

Tumble dryer sheets are great for your shirting boards, yes normally I don’t have time to focus on them but with a quick wipe dryer sheets get all the dirt and hair off quickly.

If you can get the children trained to help out all the better, extra pairs of hands are always appreciated.  My two can hoover, run things to different rooms and dust the windowsills sometimes they think its a fun game other times they are hopeful I might give them a few pence for their efforts.

Certain areas of your room might be a magnet for mess!  Do you throw down all the packages, letters etc in one particular area – I know I do sometimes; my poor sideboard is straining under the weight of all the chaos!!!  I need to think up a better method so the place doesn’t look upside down so quickly!

Consider having a basket downstairs that you can fling in everything that doesn't need to be out and then it will make life easier carrying items back where they belong!

I always try and give myself a schedule, so I know what needs tacking and how best to do it with my available time.  But for me its not just about how quickly I can clean, I really need to invest in better materials in my house that mean I don’t have to work so hard!  Once the kitchen is tile free and hopefully the bathroom too I know I will feel happier about my housework responsibilities!!!

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