Thursday, 3 November 2016

Introducing YuCALM for fearful dogs

You know when you have those days you don’t feel like facing the world, when you just want to hide under a blanket.  My dog has days when it’s all TOO MUCH when she is fretful of pretty much everything.  I have a good feeling that will soon change now we have YuCALM to take the edge off things.

My dog has quite a nervous disposition, it started when she was quite young and had an unfortunate incident with an aggressive dog.  Things haven’t been quite the same since; she is now jumpy about most things.  She is a creature of habit and gets anxious if anything is slightly out of sorts.  Noises, unexpected movements and even new items can set her off.  To be honest there seems to be quite a few triggers at the moment but the main one is other dogs – but I understand why she is like this given her frightening experience as a pup.

She is so affectionate and loving to her humans that it makes me want to do all I can to help her get over this behaviour so she can get the most out of life.  It’s no fun taking her for a walk because she is so apprehensive.  She has lost the ability to make canine friends she reacts negatively barking and growling and doesn’t give them a chance anymore; I am really worried she might snap out because she is so scared.  She has got so used to approaching dogs like this her behaviour has become more established, it’s a real shame as she was well socialised and liked other dogs to begin with.  She used to go on puppy playdates and meet them with a wagging tail and a chilled out personality.  Now the hackles go up and the teeth are on show.

We have tried to help her get better, we had a dog trainer come to our house and give us suggestions and advice.  We tried changing her diet and taking her to fly ball classes so she could have more structured exercise.  But the problem still remained, she was still fearful of any new dogs she would meet. 

I was excited to be sent YuCALM to review as it has natural scientifically proven ingredients that help dogs cope with stress whether its dealing with other dogs like Summer panics about or making loud unexpected noises seem less terrifying.  With Fireworks Night upon us there will be more sudden noises than usual, so if your dog gets quite distressed it might be worth stocking up on YuCALM so your prepared.

You can watch a little video about YuCALM and recognizing the signs your dog is stressed below.

A big positive about the tablets was that Summer ate them straight away without any fuss, they didn’t need to be hidden in anything else as sometimes dogs are suspicious of tablets and it can be very difficult coaxing them to chew them down.

I like having the tablets as part of my overall strategy working towards a calmer dog who can then cope better with various triggers.  YuCALM unlocks chemicals to make you dog feel happier and soothes away their stress so I am feeling more positive that we will finally get Summer the support she needs.  We have already seen small progress as she didn't bark at a dog on television which is unheard of these days.  She normally responds aggressively so I was pleasantly surprised.

30 tablets cost £15 but you can buy 120 for £45 which brings down the cost of each tablet quite a bit.  It's a small price to pay though if it helps your dog feel better.  A calm happy dog makes it easier for you all to enjoy family life together.  


  1. Oh I hope these work and that she is not as fearful;. it must be really hard. We had a really anxious cat and had to have a special plug in to calm him down, we called it his car crack!

  2. Oh bless. It's so awful when they're not themselves - our dog is quite a nervous dog but a quick hug is usually enough to calm him x x

  3. Oh bless! I imagine these tablets would be quite useful around bonfire night too.

  4. Hope they work, I am lucky that my animals are not fazed by fireworks