Friday, 25 November 2016

Keeping your Home Safe

Your home is your sanctuary so its important you take suitable precautions with regards to security.  

We have an alarm and an anti-social dog that gives us some sense of reassurance, as they are both good deterrents for burglars.  I always lock all the windows and doors; it’s surprising how many people I know who don’t do this.  Yes I get we live quite rurally but I would rather err on the side of caution and will not shake off my city ways.  I see it as being sensible rather than overcautious.

What if you have lost your keys? Let’s be honest this can be a common dilemma if your forgetful like me.  Fortunately it’s easy enough to order replacement window keys – so don’t use that as an excuse not to secure your house properly.  If your reading this take it as the hint to get yourself organised.

Good outside lighting is important, so if you have a bulb on the blink make sure you change it (note to self!).

Think about what you have on view through your windows, doors or even the letterbox.  Ideally do not leave tempting valuables on show or your house or car keys within grasp!  Keys have been hooked through the letterbox so please be careful!!!  Once when I lived in Liverpool my ex left our house key in the door overnight, completely on display for the world to see!  Naturally I was concerned but if it had been now with me having kids I would have lost my rag all together... what a breach of security.

If you are going away think about using timers for both light and sound - getting a radio or television to come on is a good idea – think of the Home Alone film and you will know why.  Although something a bit more neutral than gunfire might be better…

If there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your area do consider joining, schemes can be verified by the police but even a self declared one can bring your neighbours together to keep an eye on things.

Pricey valuables should be stored in a safe (and no just for the record we don’t need a safe as we have no expensive valuables!).  Probably something on a smaller scale to this would do the job... (that might be slightly overkill!).

Before going on holiday cancel any deliveries you have regularly so it’s not so obvious you’re away.  A collection of milk bottles is a bit of a give away!

Do you have any other tips to add?

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