Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Learning to love our house

I am feeling quite optimistic about my house at the moment, it’s about two and a half years since we first bought it and I finally I feel more upbeat about everything.  Perhaps I should avoid typing too soon BUT the maintenance work that should have been carried out on our house prior to us buying it has finally been done and it looks like the weather is staying out of the house (always a bonus!).  The previous owners had really neglected the upkeep of the building, so it’s been an expensive project without much to show for it.

Now it’s had all the important outside work we can start to think about what else we would like to do.  It’s no secret I have cried about the state of this house more than once; there was a time when I thought we would never make ends meet because it was costing so much just to get it watertight!  It was one obstacle after another, my mood darkened and we debated selling up and cutting our losses.  But we carried on trying to be positive and now I feel the momentum can start up again and we have weathered the storm!  This renovation won’t get the better of me…

I do take comfort though its not just me apparently loads of us are living in houses with unfinished home improvements!!!

Our master bedroom is still work in progress but I think next year we are going to be making inroads and I would love to consider having something eye catching like one of these ultrasky roof lanterns it wouldn’t be that complicated either.  

After all the ceiling is already off so what better timing to attempt this kind of installation and it would then flood the room in light.  It could really be such an attractive space; it’s a good size after all we did bash two rooms into one!  Yes we lived through a wall filled with horsehair and who knows what being destroyed and making a mighty mess surely we have earnt the right to make the room gorgeous again!!!  Otherwise it seems to have been a wasted effort knocking it down in the first place.

I would love a roof lantern above our bed so we could stargaze, it could be very romantic, it might be the nudge I need to switch off Netflix and get tucked into bed instead.  You can get bogged down in life; it gets quite run of the mill.  Today has been a whirlwind swimming lesson, Christmas fair and then helping my mum by getting her food shopping as she has hurt her foot – how often do we just sit still.  Looking out at the night sky might be the chance I need to slow down and appreciate the now not the next!  I think we could all benefit from a slower pace of life.

Apparently the roof lantern is making a comeback and I for one am quite happy to join in!  Although I would need blinds for when I am ready for sleep, I am not a morning person and don’t want to wake up with the sun!!!

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