Friday, 11 November 2016

Renovations Aims 2017

I am very impressed with how quick we are getting out of debt just by making some small lifestyle changes; hubbie is banned from eating out and has been taking bits and pieces from home for his lunch instead and I can’t have tea and cake with the girls!  If he’s making sacrifices I have to show willing too.  We have reined in the socialising of an evening too, you can quite easily spend a tidy sum on a meal for two and a few drinks.  We have also not had a takeaway in a couple of weeks and made do with the contents of our food cupboards.

The bank account is breathing a sigh of relief and because we are not frittering money away on silly things we can start to think about our house renovation again.  The next two months sees us trying to get together hubbie’s tax bill and squirrel away presents from Santa.  After that I am feeling optimistic 2017 will see some major improvements in our property.

My list of wants is HUGE:

En-suite Bathroom

Log Burner

New Flooring

Hot Tub

(And on and on it goes…)

Some of them are luxuries but some we need to get cracking with as soon as possible. 

I have been debating the pros and cons of Engineered Oak Flooring vs. Solid Oak Flooring to see which option would suit us best.  I want to replace the dining room flooring and am hoping for something tasteful and durable.  Engineered oak flooring does look as good as the real thing these days, if your willing to see past your preconceptions you can give yourself more choice when it comes to buying flooring.  I am willing to go with whatever is the most affordable (I can’t shake off my money saving plans now I have started!).

As for the en-suite I still have lots of research to do the room is a bit of a squeeze so getting the dimensions of everything right is going to be very important.

The log burner is something I have been wanting for what seems like forever; I crave the warmth and comfort of a real fire.  Its all part of the hygge craze, being cosy, blanket by your side, logs on the fire.

As for the hot tub I can forget it, maybe one day…

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