Monday, 21 November 2016

Robert Welch Cutlery Sets for Christmas

I was pleased when my Robert Welch Malvern cutlery set (£84) arrived.  In the run up to Christmas with the prospect of more entertaining its nice to know we now have adequate cutlery for everyone.

They were a good weight in our hands they felt quite substantial, like a quality product that would last for years which is what you want when you invest in this type of product.  This is a limited edition set and saves £39 off the individual RRP prices, so if you like the look of the gently contoured range its best to put your order in quickly to take advantage of this special price before it goes out of stock.

The product was attractively presented in its box set, the first layer showcasing one of each of the table knives, soup spoons, table forks and tea spoons and then underneath the rest were safely stored.  They arrived in perfect condition and would make an appealing gift for anyone who takes pride in the products they own.  This is definitely me as I am getting older, I want to put my cheap and cheerful days behind me and have something a bit more robust.

This particular set also came with six free steak knives, which made it seem exceptionally good value.  Given the evident quality and the fact it has 30 pieces included in total you can see the price is completely justified.  The Malvern range also have long tea spoons, coffee spoons and pasty forks you can buy at an additional cost depending on your individual needs (and how fancy you like to entertain!).

For me its convenient that the set is dishwasher safe, once you have a dishwasher you want to know anything you buy will survive a wash in there!  You don’t want to spend Christmas stuck in the sink.

I am using stock pictures as I kept catching my reflection on the cutlery when I tried to take my own, its difficult as the Malvern range has a mirror finish!  

I am very delighted with the set as a whole, we have always bought cheaper cutlery before but now I have seen what spending a bit more can get I would struggle to go back to inferior quality sets again.  My mum and dad always say you get what you pay for - I am going to admit my parents might be right! 

Robert Welch are obviously very confident in their product as they give it a 25 year guarantee, so this set will no doubt be coming out in the future when my boys children are coming for dinner!

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