Wednesday, 2 November 2016

#SkylandersImaginators have arrived

November is here and Christmas lists are now earnestly being made.  Skylanders Imaginators, which was released in the middle of October, is looking likely to feature on many of them.  I wasn’t sure I wanted more collectables this year but the most recent game sounded too good to resist.

This latest instalment lets you create your own characters for the first time.  So now you can be really creative, the name imaginators so called because they are characters from your imagination.  I love the freedom of the new game; Skylanders just keep coming up with incredible ideas to enhance game play.  My boys have been big fans of Skylanders ever since the first one Spyro’s Adventure with the innovative nature of Skylanders Imaginators I am sure their enthusiasm for the franchise will continue.

Kaos is up to his usual tricks (will he ever learn!) and trying to get hold of the “Mind Magic” I really hoped he would have mellowed after the last game but then again its part of his dastardly charm!

As for game play it’s the usual combination of puzzles and battling enemies but with the added ability to mould your own character.  Picking their battle class, elemental class, choosing out a name for them, changing their colour and size and many other details - you have quite a lot of choice and its quite easy to do.  You can upgrade your character as the game unfolds when you find more impressive body parts to replace the ones you have currently (ideally building up to Ultimate parts for real ownage!).

The biggest highlight for me was having a special edition starter pack featuring a Crash Bandicoot figure.  It’s great introducing my boys to a character I remember.

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You use Creation Crystals to allow you to take your creation with you and use it on any other console - perfect if you want to show your friends what you have been working on.  You can only transport one character per crystal so its worth stocking up with a few (and different elements!).

We also have the Sensei figures this time round which unlock lots of additional features.  Yes it might get expensive all other again… BUT we can’t seem to shake off the draw of Skylanders; they really do hold a special place in our hearts.

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  1. We've had a lot of fun playing with this. It is great isnt it x