Thursday, 3 November 2016

Trying out Bidvine

I love the concept of Bidvine as someone who lives fairly rurally with what I thought to be quite limited access to skilled professionals its exciting being able to get quotes so easily. 

Who needs the stress of contacting companies individually trying to get quotes going through similar questions each time when you can fill in a comprehensive series of questions fairly quickly and then have the convenience that they all contact you directly!  I am ALL for timesavers like this, plus it helps you find professionals that might not be listed in the regular places.  You want to find the professional that really gets you and can deliver what you need.

It is such a clever website and quite a revolutionary idea.  You fill in quite a lot of information prior to receiving your quotes; I was interested in finding a family portrait photographer, as I would love some proper pictures of the boys especially as they are growing up so quick!  It was a stage we skipped somehow, never quite making it to a studio so if I can get a professional to come to me then all the better!

I liked that the questions before getting quotes were very thorough, there is no point giving professionals out there a vague idea of what you want.   You need the quotes you receive to be accurate and to do achieve that they need to have a good idea of what exactly you want.

So for the professional I needed questions were around things like the format I wanted the pictures, my approximate budget, whether the service pro would be travelling to me, when I needed them and my theme and vision (traditional or more artistic).  The service specific questions are a fabulous idea so when the quotes arrive you know they are going to meet your criteria straight away because the professional had the correct information to quote appropriately.

Quotes come back surprisingly quickly; you can then do your research as you can see their company details and professional credentials and pick the most suitable candidate, after all it’s not all about price you need the right person for your assignment that can deliver what you want when you need it!  It really does simplify the process of getting the right help – it used to seem such a hassle but with Bidvine it’s a breeze!

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