Friday, 2 December 2016

Amazing Burgers at Five Guys

I hadn’t been introduced to Five Guys before but I had some vouchers for a complimentary burger, fries and drink and thought why not as we were close to one of the outlets (Whiteley).  I am really glad I did as I really enjoyed the experience.  It’s fast food but with so much more taste and flavour, freshly cooked from scratch and you can tell the difference.

The skin on fries were heavenly, I could just eat them ALL up and you can get family sized large tubs of fries that are amazing!!!  I liked how you could see where the potatoes were from, posters clearly identifying their origin on the wall.  They are very transparent about their ingredients and processes.

You get so much choice with your burger toppings so your getting a burger tailored just for you!  I had grilled onions, but you could have a choice of 15 free toppings everything from grilled mushrooms, hp sauce, jalapeno peppers, pickles or mustard.  In some burger outlets you just get what your given and then I have to deal with the kids grumbling and picking out all the bits from their burgers, this way they get something they love from the very beginning.

The boys were in awe of the Coca Cola freestyle drinks machine you can actually pick from a wide selection (100+ as they have lots of different flavours of the drinks you already know!), so your thirst is well and truly quenched at Five Guys.  It’s such a novelty the drinks machine I had cherry flavoured Lemonade, which was a pleasant change!  Usually I don’t drink much fizzy drinks but even I couldn’t resist seeing what the fuss was all about.

The food is cooked fresh to order so you have a little wait but the staff are working incredibly hard you can see them getting on with everything.  When you get your order I love how the burgers were numbered which coincided with the till receipt so you could easily identify whose burger was whose.  I thought that was very helpful so we could dish out the burgers to the right individuals straight away.

It was very busy in Five Guys so obviously lots of other people hold it in high esteem, I am sure we will be back to savour another burger soon, plus next time I need to sample the milkshakes!

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  1. Five guys recently opened in Newcastle and my teen is desperate to go. I must admit that those burgers look delicious xx