Friday, 16 December 2016

Are you all set for Christmas?

I can’t believe Christmas is only 8 days and 14 hours away!!!  It’s this time of year I get nervous butterflies hoping everything will be ready in time.  December is so busy with extra events that I panic about making sure all the present buying, wrapping and delivery is achieved before it’s too late!!!

If you have family living far away it’s tempting to get them gift vouchers to save on the postage costs but where is the originally and the thought in the gift then.  I love putting together a tailored package of goodies, perhaps a candle, chocolates, smellies and other bits and pieces.  Since I have got older I actually like giving as much as receiving gifts, its fun shopping and finding items to add to the present pile to send.  Although its worthwhile having a budget in mind so you don’t get carried away.

My wrapping could be improved upon but I hope the fact I like to send nice treats so the recipient can be pampered a little means they don’t notice the lack of ribbons and the overly sellotaped corners!!!  Next year I want to get a bit more organised and get adequate supplies in to make a bit more effort with the presentation – brown paper, gift bags, sparkly ribbons, tissue paper and tags.

I have a VERY bad habit of just using a little bit of wrapping paper turned backwards to write people’s names on!!!  Santa also doesn’t label the presents he delivers; they just arrive in red for one child and blue for the other!  I guess I am a little lazy in that respect, but having seen some lovely labels next year I vow to be different… I think its time to make the outside as pretty as the present.  I love these Christmas wrapping ideas its amazing how much can be done with brown paper and a little imagination, patience and time.  

Although if your like me and struggling to get everything done for Christmas you are completely forgiven for wrapping presents with as much finesse as a two year old!

When you have picked out the goodies you want to send make sure you book your courier service in time for a festive delivery.  TNT have a Christmas delivery schedule so you can check it will arrive on time.  It’s getting so close now you don’t want to take any chances.

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