Thursday, 8 December 2016

BT & Unicef The Right Click Campaign

BT are working alongside Unicef to help promote child safety online, they are doing this with a series of The Right Click workshops over the next three years so everyone (teachers, parents and of course the children themselves) can have a better understanding of the risks children face online. 

Children are naturally curious about the Internet, they like having access to lots of different information that can help with their schoolwork and just answer many of the burning questions they always seem to have – children have a thirst for knowledge and its lovely seeing them eager to learn BUT unmonitored the Internet can be a dangerous space.

Hopefully with more guidance they can understand how to use the Internet appropriately.  I really worry about unsuitable content, cyber-bullying and strangers trying to befriend my children.

The video below is very enlightening explaining more about what the campaign hopes to achieve.  I have already drummed it into my boys not to share where they live with anyone or their age.  Although I don’t know how much they really take in of what I am saying, sometimes parents just become background noise to their children!!!  So a workshop would probably be the best way to get the message across to my two.

I do not really let my children go online unless they are sat by me, I don’t give them freedom to watch YouTube unsupervised like many of their friends do as there is a lot of swearing and innuendo’s.  But as they get older I want them to have a bit more freedom to go online but before doing that I want to increase their awareness of the dangers it poses, the workshops are a great way to start talking about being online.

We also have parental controls in place on our computers and now my son’s mobile phone.  If your unfamiliar with technology it can be quite daunting putting everything in place to help safeguard your child, so if a workshop comes to your area please do try and attend.  The more you know the better protected your child will be.  If your children are starting to use facebook make sure you adjust the privacy settings to stop anyone but accepted friends seeing any of their content.  It’s incredible how many adults (never mind children) have their facebook page completely open for everyone to see!

Starting to talk to your child is really the best way; you want them to feel comfortable talking to you about what they see online.  If there are any issues you want to know they will raise them with you straight away.  So get the conversation flowing, find out what sites they like to visit and go from there.


  1. I am learning that I need to let the boys have a little more freedom, but I am still monitoring their usage and also have remote parental controls on their devices

  2. Here is great article about phone monitoring applications.

  3. The workshops sound like a great idea, I think for kids it's important to hear the same messages from other people as well as from your parents.