Monday, 12 December 2016

#FantasticBeasts Merchandise

If you have seen and enjoyed the film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” naturally you will want to immerse yourself in ALL the merchandise too.  We have not seen the film yet but I am very excited to remedy that soon.  The boys might be a little on the young side at the moment but I know they would love the idea of lots of magical creatures, that aspect of them the film would intrigue us all.

My boys were sent a selection of Fantastic Beasts goodies from a range of companies; they had Pyramid posters, a Panini sticker album, a GB Poster, some Scholastic books, Paladone gadget decals and a Danilo calendar.  

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They were most excited by the sticker book and were quickly opening the packets and finding where to stick them.  I would certainly find it more interesting seeing the contents of these sticker books compared to the football ones we usually end up with!!!

The sticker book is not limited just to the Fantastic Beasts release you also have the best of Harry Potter included so this is a must buy purchase for fans of both films.  It’s a great way to see all the characters and creatures and delve further into the wizard world!  The stickers themselves are slightly magical with heat reveal ones and foil ones included…

The Paladone Harry Potter gadget decal pack is a great way to quickly personalise your gadgets (laptops, phones and tablets) with an extra sprinkling of all things wizardry.  The stickers are easy to remove if you decide you have had enough of all the magic and have moved on to something else.

The Scholastic Colouring and Creativity book is only £4.99 at the moment (reduced from £7.99) it would make a fabulous Christmas gift if you want to keep the children busy over the festive holidays, they can colour and doodle to their hearts content.

I was sent these items in exchange for coverage but all thoughts are my own.


  1. My son would adore this, as would my sister who has been to see the film and she loved it. Sounds like great value and the boys look very happy with it.

  2. This looks fab. What a great Christmas gift it would make x

  3. They look very happy with their stuff! I need to go and watch fantastic Beasts, we are huge HP fans so I hope it doesn't disappoint :)

  4. They look like fab gifts. I took Mini to see it and he loved it

  5. We got this too but I have tucked it away for a christmas treat :)

  6. These look great nad the kids would adore them. Great present idea for Christmas.

  7. My eldest daughter loved the movie. These look like great gifts - I think she'd love them.