Friday, 23 December 2016

Getting Christmas Dinner Right

If I am honest I am out of my comfort zone in the kitchen and the thought of preparing Christmas dinner brings me out in a cold sweat.  It’s such an important meal that everyone looks forward to all year.  I don’t think I can cope with the responsibility.  You see my mum is an amazing cook, she times it all to perfection, and I really couldn’t even begin to compete.  I think the boys look forward to my mum’s dinner as much as finally opening their presents.

Fortunately my mum is taking charge again this year (let out a huge sigh of relief!), but she does so with the promise it will be our turn to host Christmas eventually!!!  So I need to get a handle on things ready so it’s not a complete disaster… because when we take over the helm it comes with big responsibility to make sure it goes as flawlessly as it ever did for my mum.  That or I keep pouring such large drinks that soon enough no one notices how burnt or undercooked the food is!!!

I will be taking some shortcuts though, like buying shop bought cranberry sauce and not making desserts from scratch.  I won’t have bread sauce, as I don’t get the attraction personally. 

This infographic from Spar is quite useful, the title caught my attention straight away “beginners Christmas Dinner checklist” – with me being a complete novice this sounds like my kind of checklist broken down into the level of detail I need.  

It includes everything from getting prepared, what you need to buy, what needs doing and when (with clear timings).  Hopefully even I can’t go wrong with this, it certainly takes off some of the pressure because it’s a comprehensive guide.

It helps save on having too much leftovers too, as I like the rough guide of how much vegetables to serve.  Although I can’t promise sprouts will feature when its our turn to host.  I hate them and now I am officially an adult I am finally being rebellious and refusing the ones my mum used to make me have in honour of the day!!!

Thank you Spar it might be a Merry Christmas each year after all.

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