Sunday, 4 December 2016

Improving the Exterior of your House

There is quite a lot you can do to make your house look more appealing without spending a fortune; first impressions really count especially if you’re thinking about selling.  You want the estate agents picture of your house to coax them to book a viewing not put them off completely. 

This infographic about improving your curb appeal gives some suggestions that you can try to improve matters.  I have no plans to sell anytime soon but I would like the exterior to look nice just for us to enjoy our time outdoors.  We have had a lot of renovation work already but I am always keen to try something different especially if it isn’t costing the earth.

Removing trees if they are blocking your view or if they might cause structural damage might be something worth considering.  We had someone check one of our trees, as my dad was worried the roots were bringing up the tarmac and it might be unstable.  As it was its still quite a solid tree thankfully so I am pleased we can keep it as personally I love trees as do the wildlife that visit our garden.

We have definitely neglected our lawn care, its patchy in some parts and overgrown in others, our shrubs are out of control as hubbie and myself are not green fingered.  I wish we had more time to commit to our outside space but at the moment the kids drain all our spare energy!!!  In a few years we might tackle it, we really should as the neighbours all have lovely gardens and ours is definitely letting the side down.

We have pressure washed the tarmac before it was to get rid of paint after I let the boys enjoy a craft session outside.

Using a pressure washer made a huge difference though not only did it get rid of the paint it all came up much cleaner and fresher.

We have done more expensive things to the outside of our house like new windows and repointing but we have let the garden grow freely.  I think we need to get it back into some kind of order, hubbie might if I hint enough dust off the strimmer and get cracking.  Now winter is here if we tidy it up it should stay like that for a while as everything grows so slowly at this time of year.

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