Thursday, 22 December 2016

Security Tips for Christmas

It’s important to be more vigilant with security at this time of year as opportunist thieves might make the most of the extra presents that are around!  Burglaries are very common at this time of year sadly.

This short video from Yale by Santa Paws gives you a few tips to keep your property safer over the festive period.

It sounds obvious but don’t have your presents on show.  If the tree is piled high with gifts all visible from a window its letting thieves now there might be something worth stealing!  Your making their life easier as everything is in one place to quickly grab and go…

It was also too much temptation for Santa Paws in the video and would be for our dog too!  She has her own presents at Christmas and has mastered the art of unwrapping presents so there would be nothing left if I had them stashed under the tree.

Santa Paws makes sure all valuables are in a locked safe; yes no one is getting hold of his special Christmas present.  If you have expensive or sentimental items that you want to safeguard investing in a safe is a very sensible decision.

Have a security camera in the house so you can keep an eye on things, to see if everything is as it should be and that Santa Paws is behaving!  I already have my dog keeping a vigil at the window seeing off anyone with a bark and a growl!  But it would be good checking in to make sure everything is in order.

When your house is empty make sure you set the alarm and it goes without saying make sure all the windows and doors are locked!  You might be out more visiting family, dropping off presents and enjoying some festive cheer but make sure you house is protected whilst you’re away.  Always leave a light on too or have the radio playing so you look like your still in.

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