Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Playschool Festive Fundraiser

Yesterday we held a festive fundraiser for the local playschool; it was full of Christmas joy with Santa in attendance dishing out presents.  The event was well attended and hopefully everyone had a good time.  We had lots of stalls selling their wares, the customary raffle and tombola and a few extra games and competitions for everyone to enjoy!  Some were free to enter as this time of year can be very expensive for families and the community wanted people to feel like they weren’t constantly putting their hand in their pocket to pay for everything.

We managed to raise £460 which will help them buy more resources and wasn't a bad effort at all when your competing with about a million other similar events in the run up to Christmas.  

I had a little help off my blog with prizes and would like to thank the following:

WOW Toys donated Robin’s Medical Rescue set (£29.99) for the raffle.  WOW Toys have lots of features children will be delighted to discover, children will enjoy pushing buttons and seeing what happens.  These sets are great for imaginative play especially in this case as your child come to the rescue and take the injured person to hospital.  All friction powered so great for the parents who don’t need to stock up on yet more batteries this Christmas.

Esdevium Games kindly donated three Dobble games (Dobble Kids, Dobble Cars and Dobble Finding Dory) and a Timeline game.  Any of these would make lovely stocking fillers this Christmas.  Dobble is an award winning game that is so simple to play, my two regularly go back to it and it’s a nice portable size to take away with you on holidays if you need some easy entertainment for all the family.  I like how they have branched out with the themed sets so if you have fans of Cars or Finding Dory its worth buying another set to add to your collection.

Timeline is a great game to familiarise your children with history (when exactly did things happen), it’s your job to put the cards in order of their timeline.  The Timeline sets come in seven themes (inventions, science & discoveries, historical events, general interest, music & cinema, Star Wars and British History) so you can soon develop your knowledge in lots of different areas.

We used these fabulous games for the Christmas stocking game.  We had a board and lots of coloured stockings; you paid 50p to add a stocking to the numbered board, then some of the stockings won a prize!

Drumond Park sent Sshh! Don't Wake Dad!, Logo Billionaire, Logo Grab and The Magic Tooth Fairy Game.  Sshh! Don't Wake Dad! is one of our favourite games and quite the challenge as you attempt to make your way closer to the fridge and the delicious chocolate cake without waking dad in the process - dealing with lots of obstacles that hinder your progress!

The Magic Tooth Fairy game is a little bit magical as you transform the teeth into gold coins after they are placed in the beds pillow!  Drumond Park have so many fabulous games you really do need to have a browse of their website for inspiration before Christmas day!

I was sent tickets for the Centre for Alternative Technology we had a lovely day out here so I knew this would be a popular choice as a raffle prize.  It’s a very educational place to visit with your children, but its still interesting so they will like seeing all the exhibitions and learning more about being green.  They also add a generous sprinkling of fun with a giant slug, a mole hole and children’s craft sessions to enjoy in the school holidays.

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