Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tidy Books Storage Boxes

I was delighted to review the new storage box for Tidy Books.  I was sent two storage boxes (£59.00 each) and one lid (£12.00).  These are available in dark grey, light grey, soft white and natural so you will find an option to suit your colour scheme.

It was quick and simple to assemble; hubbie didn’t even use his screwdriver as the runners were already on.  He just used the included Allen key to tighten the remaining screws into the predrilled guide holes.

The end result looked quite stylish a definite step up from the usual plastic ones we buy.  I like how it’s not clear so you don’t have to see the chaos lurking inside!  The storage boxes look nice in a living room if you want the children to have some toys but still keep it as more of an adult space or in a bedroom they double up quite nicely as a bedside cabinet.  So a versatile product, that you can stack upwards (freeing up floor space!) and easily remove when you want access to the contents.

The dividers are useful so you can section out different toys quite easily, you can fit plenty inside each one.  The storage boxes have transformed the room of my eldest.  Before he had toys on his windowsill, the chest of drawers, the floor, under his bed…

Now it’s looking much more organised and also given him a new sense of pride about the state of his room.  From this day forth I think he will keep his room tidy because he has the right storage box for the job and he liked how good his room looked once it was uncluttered.  It’s also much more preferable than trying to navigate a floor covered in LEGO, that stuff really hurts!!!

If you want to order your own storage box (or any of the lovely Tidy Books products) in time for Christmas please be aware the cut off for ordering is the 16th of December.  It might be worth getting in some extra storage ready for all those toys that will end up everywhere!  It is the sanity saver all us mum’s need!!!


  1. I absolutely love Tidy books and this is the first time i have seen their storage boxes. They look fab and fit in with almost any decor too!

  2. Toy storage is such a key component in a house with children! I especially love the little inserts to help separate the types of toy inside.

  3. I love the inserts to keep toys separated in the boxes x x

  4. These are great. I love how well made they are and that they will last such a long time as they are so versatile

  5. Oh they look brilliant! I have one of the tidy books bookcases for my son and I adore it - I need to get one for my daughter now too!