Saturday, 3 December 2016

Win a Christmas Survival Kit

December can be very stressful, making sure you get everything ready alongside all the other commitments, this month seems to be a burst of activity, with Christmas shows, fundraisers, work meals and grotto visits.  Then squeezing in time for present buying and then ALL that wrapping…

Thankfully Room to Grow sent me a Christmas Survival Kit to make my life easier, it included lots of helpful items and even some spare marbles in case I lost my own in the panic of the festivities.  It was very much appreciated because you can quickly lose the plot this month, even the act of remembering to move the damn elf from room to room can bring me out in a cold sweat.

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The box of treats was beautifully presented with ribbons and a candy cane, it made me feel better prepared for everything!  

I can put on the Christmas tracks whilst I wrap (using the spare sticky tape they sent, seriously where do all the rolls go!) and get organised in no time.  The boys will enjoy watching the Elf film and it might make one morning more leisurely so we can have a snuggle and not be so frantic, I can even sip my mulled fruit tea to soothe my frazzled nerves.

The boys liked writing out letters to Santa, although I held my breath in case they changed want they had asked for… always a danger this close to Christmas!  I am sure other parents will relate with this. 

How to win a Christmas Survival Kit

On to the good news you have a chance of winning your own Christmas Survival Kit, head over to the Room to Grow blog for more details.  It’s very simple to do, make sure you are following Room to Grow on Instagram and then share a Christmassy picture through Instagram with the hashtag #RTGXMAS. 

I have started it off with one of my own from our recent visit to Lapland UK, so please do add yours as Room to Grow (and myself!) can’t wait to see everyone’s entries.

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