Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wrapping Up Warm With Helly Hansen

I have really been feeling the chill lately as the temperature has been dropping fast; it makes me miserable being cold so I was relieved when my new Helly Hansen W Blume Puffy Parka (SRP £200) arrived.  I think otherwise I was getting close to wanting to hibernate until spring!!!

Now it’s a pleasure being outside, I am so toasty inside my coat.  It’s a great fit, very stylish as well as extremely practical.  The hood has faux fur trim that looks perfect for outdoor adventures, the sleeves are quite tight fitting which keeps all your warmth in (so no previous heat escapes!) and the outside is fully waterproof.  I appreciate the longer length of the coat it makes all the difference when the temperature plummets.

Helly Hansen is such a quality brand; you can’t go wrong spending a little more and getting a coat that will protect you from the elements.  The inside of the coat has high loft synthetic insulation, which is what keeps you so warm.  I feel ready for winter now I am dressed appropriately!  Helly Hansen was designed and developed in Scandinavia so it’s a brand used to coping with harsh winters, so it can easily handle anything in the UK.

I like the little HH metal badge on the sleeve its discretely alludes to the established brand without being too showy.

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I was glad of my coat in LaplandUK as we explored the magical place, if I had felt the bitter weather it would have tempered my enjoyment.  I would have been continually stopping to get a warm drink or slope off indoors for shelter.  

As it is this coat is ideal, it really does everything it promises keeping you dry and comfortable on those cold winter days!  Plus its breathable so I didn't get too warm when we were temporarily indoors meeting Father Christmas.

If you’re hoping to go skiing this season then the W Powderqueen Jacket (SRP £340) might be the one for you, it’s an attractive jacket that has been redesigned with feedback from athletes.  I love how Helly Hansen take onboard the suggestions of their intended market it means these jackets really do meet your needs, so whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just someone wanting to stay warm through winter Helly Hansen will have a coat for you!

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