Sunday, 22 January 2017

Deciding to invest in a pool

We bought a bigger house almost three years ago now; it came with a separate car park area and at the moment we don’t really utilise it.  We only have one car so it’s a bit overkill having the space to park eight.  So I started thinking about a swimming pool, the boys already have lessons and it would be nice for them to practice in-between at home.  It’s quite a drive to our closest pool so it would be more convenient having one of our own, the boys would probably progress quicker too then.  If they had been younger I would have used it to improve their confidence in water, encouraging them to splash water on their face and duck underneath, now they would just benefit from working on their strokes.  Eldest has moved into the deep end classes and it would be great if youngest could follow suit.

Unfortunately we have a covenant that prevents us from building on the land, so it’s quite restrictive.  One possibly option would be a large above the ground pool.  I was looking at the best above ground pool reviews at Above Ground Pool Central to get some inspiration and these do look great.  Plenty of space to splash and have fun, some of the pools can hold quite a few people so ideal to cool off in the warmer months!  Before now we have only ever had paddling pools but they have been so small, as the children have become better swimmers they need more space and bigger challenges.



The Intex 24Ft X 12Ft X 52In Ultra Frame Pool Set looks perfect for our family.

In terms of safety an above ground pool is the better prospect.  As its raised it’s harder for children to accidentally fall in.  A below ground pool can be very dangerous especially if you have young children who cannot swim; a pool is the most common reason that children aged between 1-4 drown in the USA where own pools are more commonplace.  It can all happen so fast too, I don’t think I would want to take any chances. 

An above the ground pool has more of a barrier with its high sides, it’s harder for children to access.  If you keep the ladder out of reach then it would be very unlikely a young child could manage to climb into the pool.  Overall it’s much better for your peace of mind, although still supervise children as normal (just in case as they always continue to surprise you!) and do sign them up for swimming lessons at the earliest opportunity as an added precaution.  Long gone are my boys armbands, they can now swim as well as me.

I don’t think where we live has a climate warm enough to justify an in the ground pool, unless it was heated and covered!  Given the legalities regarding our plot of land and the cost involved an above ground pool suits our needs much better.  I think this spring I might be tempted!


  1. I'm hoping that we have a warm summer again so we can look at getting a paddling pool

  2. That pool looks fab! Anything that encourages physical activity is great for kids!