Friday, 6 January 2017

My Husbands Wardrobe Overhaul

Starting a New Year hubbie dearest has decided to have a bit of a wardrobe overhaul!  To be honest its been led by the fact we have completely run out of hangers and I was convinced he doesn’t wear a lot of what he has in his wardrobe… I wanted to reclaim some hangers for the rest of the family, no point him hogging them for things he never wears.

I liked a suggestion I saw on facebook to turn your hangers round and then only turn them the right way when they are worn, washed and returned to the wardrobe again.  Anything left with the hanger the wrong way at the end of the year is obviously not needed as you have managed a whole year without it - so you can giveaway to charity!  So I think he should do that as I bet about half his wardrobe is no good anymore, then we could start afresh.  The same with anyone with a big shoe collection I guess you could point them a different way round and see how many pairs you get through in a year.

But when it comes to his footwear hubbie has a hardly anything, only a pair of work shoes and a pair of trainers and that’s about it.  I think he could do with investing in some boots just to spice things up a bit.  Both of us tend to be quite boring with our outfits, sticking to jeans, trainers and hoodies – I think we both still dress like we did as students and its time to be a little bit more creative. 

The ankle high Chelsea Boots are very versatile perfect for work and socialising afterwards.  The lace up’s are handy for weekend adventures without being as casual as trainers.  I would like to think by the time we reach 40 we have been a bit more adventurous with fashion. 

You might think only about hiking when I mention the word boots but the polished variants are most sophisticated!  Just look as this gorgeous specimen, I don’t think I will have much trouble converting hubbie when he sees them.

Boots are definitely increasing in popularity, have you already joined the boots bandwagon?  Winter is the time to do it, add a plaid shirt and forgot to shave, then enjoy the admiring looks over your lumberjack styling and rugged good looks!  Just swap your boots for something like this.

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