Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Peace and Quiet

I feel a little bit guilty but I breathed a sigh of relief when the boys left for school this morning.  It’s terrible isn’t it; you long for a bit of peace and quiet and then finally get it and feel bad that you’re enjoying it!!!  Youngest wasn’t as enthusiastic as normal to head back to school, usually he goes with a spring in his step – but this morning he thought he might have “tonsillitis”… points for trying mate, but off he was shipped to school.

The boys have had a nice holiday break overall.  There has been lots of sibling grumbling which has slowly grinded me down though.  I swear these two cannot tolerate each other for more than 2 seconds without it escalating into full out war.  The only way to turn them into kindred spirits is to give them a proper telling off then I become enemy number one…

But they do crack me up with their ways at times, just look at what youngest made to keep himself "safe" skateboarding...

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The first week hubbie was off so I had planned to do something nice but like all things with children never plan as it won’t probably happen!  Yes the sick bug scuppered those ideas.  Fortunately eldest was back on his feet after a few days and just in time Christmas dinner.  Thankfully no one else caught it either because we look forward to my mum’s Christmas dinner ALL YEAR!

The boys have had TOO much screen time, I haven’t been feeling my best and I kind of relented and let them go crazy on there.  My strict limits have been very relaxed and video gaming seems to have been one of the main activities of the second week.  They had a few new ones from Christmas though and were excited to try them all out.  Although I need to rein it back in now my health seems to be improving and the mummy guilt is kicking in.  I did make sure we had a long walk yesterday to blow away the cobwebs though and despite a few complaints they seemed to enjoy the fresh air and embrace their sense of adventure.

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We also squeezed in a panto with friends.  It was a local community affair so not on the scale of other panto's but we still enjoyed it, although my friends daughter managed to get her foot stuck in the chair and needed rescuing - all eyes were on us not the stage for that bit haha!  

I am already making plans for 2017 (ssshhh! don’t tell hubby he will only complain about prioritising renovation work and debt repayments – the boring stuff!) and have booked a science experiment show for the boys and thinking about a Comic Con event as its more of what they would enjoy now they are a bit older.  I get itchy feet if I don’t have something exciting on the horizon for them.  I am also even more determined this year to finally have posh afternoon tea somewhere as I keep promising myself but it doesn’t happen.

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