Thursday, 12 January 2017

Reviewing Education Quizzes

I have bought subscription packages before to give my children a little extra help in a particular area they might be finding difficult or in the run up to an exam so they don’t find it all too daunting.  I don’t like the feeling of being unprepared for something and don’t want them worrying either.  There is nothing worse then sitting before an exam paper and going completely blank!  I still dream about my exams now and then when I am feeling anxious. 

It’s hard in the boys school as the class sizes are quite big (30 pupils) so they don’t get a huge amount of individual attention.  For children to have higher chances of achieving ideally there needs to be fewer than 20 pupils in a class - but I understand with school budgets it’s not always feasible.  Given the hard facts though I don’t think it hurts to give your child some additional support at home, especially if you can make it seem fun and engaging.

I have been looking at KS2 as my boys are both in that age range but Education Quizzes tailors for children up to 17 with the GSCE section.  This is the perfect subscription as it can develop with your child, as they get older and more advanced so do the quizzes.

It costs £9.95 a month and is very comprehensive and easy to navigate.  Most reassuring of all these quizzes have been written by teachers so you know they will develop your child inline with their school curriculum.  Even better if you can convince your child’s school to sign up its MUCH cheaper per child!  If you’re on a fundraising committee for the school perhaps suggest it at your next meeting.

Within the KS2 section I could click on various subjects, which is useful if I wanted to focus on a particular area my child might be having problems with.  Before attempting the quiz you can read a bit of helpful information above it – outlining how you would use capital letters for example: 

All sentences begin with a capital letter and so do proper nouns. Proper nouns include the names of people, places and organisations: i.e. Charles Dickens, London and the Ministry of Justice. Proper nouns are capitalised even when they are in the middle of a sentence”

Then to check if it’s all sunk in you can see how well your child does on the quiz.  The quiz had little pictures which is good to break up the text and make it more interesting for children in this particular age group.  Too much text and they might have switched off.

The boys are been told they need to do more practice of their times tables so this section of the quizzes is just the thing for them.  When a quiz is completed you get a score and that is left on the list so you can see if you can improve next time!

Generally I can help my children still at this level of learning but as they head off to secondary school I do worry about what I can do to assist them.  Education Quizzes means I can still give them some much needed encouragement even if I don’t quite understand everything myself!

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  1. Emmy loved doing these - she was keen on all the maths games