Friday, 20 January 2017

Trying not to worry about money

I am always looking for ways to make some extra money; we managed to get ourselves in quite a pickle buying a bigger house but are finally treading above water (just about!).  But each and every month still can be quite tight, we just about cover bills and debt repayments with little left over for anything else.

I have gone back to entering competitions (and keeping my fingers tightly crossed I will be lucky!) and hubbie has started looking at matched betting.  I hadn’t heard of that before, but he showed me the Profit Accumulator introductory video and it did look quite self-explanatory and I liked the fact the presenter said they don’t take risks, otherwise I would have probably put my foot down and told hubbie not to do it!

I am not a fan of risk, I tend to worry a lot I like to know whatever I do will have a positive outcome.  I would rather a low guaranteed return than take any chances and that is reflected in my pension choices and life as a whole!  I also like to know someone else who has done it, as I hate to go into anything blindly.  Having 10,000 customers does help convince me that it might be a worthwhile thing to try and Profit Accumulator must be working for them if they are choosing to stay signed up. 

I remember years ago one of my friend’s used to do matched betting, I never really understood what he was saying but he was very keen and seemed to have some returns from it.  He was saving up the deposit for a house at the time and was eager to bring in a bit more towards that, he soon had the house he wanted.  Although I do think part of that was his overall frugal living – including eating baked beans most nights!!!

From what I can gather matched betting means you bet to keep all your options covered, so you win and you lose at the same time - whilst using the free bets that companies give to new customers.  It can be hard to find these without assistance, so Profit Accumulator was formed to make life easier for those wanting to try matched betting.  The director Sam apparently used it to pay his way through university and now is completely debt free (yes don't rub it in Sam!).

I don’t really place bets generally, my brother has the odd flutter but I think matched betting would be better for him as its pitched as no-risk and I think he has lost lots of money in the past.  We are both very different; I think I have placed about three bets in my whole life – less than many people do in one day.  Profit Accumulator gives lists of all the profitable offers on the Internet and that’s what I like the sound of - profit!  Not gambling, not risk, just using the system wisely and for your own benefit to top up your income.

The free introductory membership offers allow you to earn up to £45 a month or you can try the platinum membership (£22) a month – so all depends on how much your willing to spend but with returns of up to £2000 promised it is a bit tempting.  Although I would try the introductory offer until I knew I understood the system probably.  But only sign up if you have the willpower not to become hooked to gambling and also make sure you to follow the advice and put in the effort.

Have you ever tried matched betting and did it work for you?

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