Friday, 3 February 2017

Be Your Blogging Self

I have been blogging for five years so far.  I don’t have a media kit.  I haven’t bought a light box yet.  I don’t have a professional blog headshot.  I have yet to do a facebook live session.

Does is matter?

Am I breaking some blogging rules?

You don’t need to do anything you feel unsure about or change who you are.  Maybe one day I will pick up a light box until then I improvise as best as I can.  I am not that sleek in real life so I am not going to pretend to be on my blog.   

But fear not whatever type of blogger you are there is a place for you, an audience waiting to be found with people who will identify with you.

Just do what makes you happy.

Image seems so important to be bold and beautiful so many bloggers are glossed and gorgeous these days - mini celebrities in there own right.  It can be a bit full on, but they have carved out their space and moment in the spotlight and hats off to them.

Can you still be successful if you blog in your pyjamas, face unmade and hair slightly wild? Of course you can, lots of people can relate to that too.

Remember there are no rules.  It’s your space OWN IT HOWEVER YOU WANT.

Sometimes I have doubts and think I need to blog in a certain way.  But I don’t have to, PR’s still contact me regularly, I have lots of lovely followers and have steadily built up my social media figures.

I am proud of what I have achieved, the opportunities I have had, it doesn’t matter that my blog isn’t the slickest or that I am not picture perfect. 

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If you want to achieve something just do it.  Don’t worry about what you think you need to be like, just be yourself, whatever that is.  You can still make your blog grow.  As long as you stick at it you can accomplish anything!

I might not be quite so polished but I am persistent.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I am always doubting myself, and you have summed it up. I should just love me for me and not try to mould myself into the box I dont fit in.

  2. I love this!!!
    I doubt myself so much and this really perked me up.
    Thank you x

  3. Yes so true, it's easy to look at others and think I should be doing that or I am never going to make it as I am not that 'out there',we wouldn't have you any other way ❤️ xx

  4. Love this and it is true, we all have doubt, but you are fab x