Sunday, 19 February 2017

DIY Bottle Rocket Experiment for the BBC #TerrificScientific Launch

The BBC has launched Terrific Scientific to encourage primary school children to learn more about DIY experiments they can try out at home (with some adult supervision!).  We attempted the DIY Bottle Rocket to show how easy it is to get anyone involved in science.  Eldest was only too keen to don his safety goggles and get stuck in.

You can watch our little video, which includes everything you need to make your very own DIY Bottle Rocket.  You do not need anything complicated to get involved - you might already have everything in your kitchen cupboards or can pick them up inexpensively enough!  The BBC wants the experiments to be accessible to all.

The video also shows some of our failed attempts – it is all a learning process after all so please do not feel too deflated if it doesn’t work first time!  We had the cork on too tight, the white vinegar not acidic enough (we then bought a fresh bottle!) and the kitchen roll didn’t open over the various attempts.  You do need to be patient, hubbie shaked the bottle instead – not the wisest of moves, remember to follow the safety protocols…

So yes we definitely had a few teething problems with our DIY Bottle Rocket but we managed to get the grand launch finally when it went REALLY high only to not get the footage we wanted as it all happened too quickly for the supervising adult to film!  You can see how long it takes to drop back to the ground though which gives you some idea that it went MUCH higher that last time.  Eldest said, “that freaked me out!” – he couldn’t get over how far it went.  It was frustrating when we didn’t manage to get the experiment to work but perseverance paid off.

Getting involved with science is fun and educational and its fabulous having the Terrific Scientific at Home online hub to give guidance and inspiration about different experiments you can try.  Why not try one of the activities over the holiday with your own children; we will certainly be attempting more over the half term holiday.  Who knows you might turn your child into a budding scientist!


  1. My two used to love doing science experiments at home - the messier and noisier the better ;-)

  2. What a brilliant experiment! Love it, my kids would go nuts for this

  3. I love these experiments! My son and I did something like this last summer. Well done on doing this together x

  4. We did this experiment on Isaac's birthday and the kids adored it!

  5. Love this!! We do like a good bottle rocket!