Saturday, 11 February 2017

Join me for the #BearHunt twitter party

On the 16th of February between 4pm and 6pm I will be joining in with the #BearHunt twitter party.  Do make sure you are following @UKMumstv and keeping an eye on the hashtag #BearHunt so you can get involved in the online spot competitions during that time.

We were sent a box full of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt activities and treats in order to host our party to celebrate the launch of the DVD (released on the 6th of February).  The boys were over the moon with the contents.

I have read the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to the boys many times over the years so we were all excited to see what the DVD would be like.  It has kept the essence of the book with that feeling of childhood being about exploring and discovering, basically one big adventure – but with much more substance.  You learn a bit more about the characters whereas the book is mainly about the different sounds as they make their way to the cave (“Swishy Swashy” and “Splash Splosh”).

Eldest thought the ending was quite moving, he felt sorry for the bear.  You can see him walking dejectedly back to his cave with his head hanging low and that really impacted eldest.  It was much more poignant in the film, because you felt that the girl had bonded with the Bear and he was not a threat.  Despite the fact it upset him he still rated the film 9 out of 10, so although it played on his heartstrings it did not effect his overall enjoyment of the film.

Luckily in the discussion points it said about mentioning to your child about how the little girl knows where the Bear lives now and can visit anytime.  This really helped my son feel better for the poor Bear.  He didn’t seem to notice the storyline with the recently deceased granddad but I think he is very animal orientated so was too focused on the sad Bear to be aware of the tale of family loss.

The film is beautifully illustrated; I think they have done the classic book justice.  We look forward to telling you all about our party on the 16th of February when we will be tweeting about the activities in the host party box and joining in with the discussion about the film.

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  1. I will add it to my online diary so I remember as this is something my children would certainly enjoy x