Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My Future Dietary Do's And Dont's

As I have got older I have started being more aware of my health and thinking I can’t just go on as I please eating and drinking whatever I want.  It’s important to think about the choices I make more carefully! 

Looking at this infographic from HARTMANN Direct offers lots of guidance to get things back on track.  

I definitely need to rein things in; I have a sweet tooth and probably should ease off the cake and chocolate.  After reading the infographic I am trying to reach for a piece of fruit to help my sugar craving instead and back away from the cake...

Next year I turn 40; even writing that scares me a little.  40 how did that happen? It only seems five minutes ago I was at university without a care in the world.  Now I am a mum and wife, with a home and responsibilities.  I need to prioritise my health so I can keep looking after my boys.  Even having a cold has knocked me, I don’t bounce back like I used too.  I really need to make some lifestyle adjustments now; old age waits for no one and as much as most people try and cover it with hair dyes and fancy face creams the truth is it catches up on us all!

It’s far better to work on what you eat now, sadly according to the Health Survey (2014) 58% of women were overweight and obese.  I don’t have weighing scales but think I need to get some so I can keep a closer eye on my weight.  At the moment I think I am okay but I know I am not as lean as I used to be…

Looking at the included information I can make some quick changes, like getting rid of white bread once and for all and sticking with wholemeal.  I do try, but hubbie dearest always tops up the trolley with white again!  Yes its nicer for toast but I can live without it.

Think about your diet and make a few small changes, you will be glad you have.

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  1. On day 2 of my healthy eating plan! - yes I know - only day 2 but you have to start somewhere!