Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Holiday Essentials Wish List

My two are currently having another growth spurt so I have been looking at boy’s clothes on Octer, its an easy way to shop as you can quickly see lots of very cool clothes all in one place.  I need to pick out a few essentials for our next holiday abroad later in the year, their swimming trunks are looking a bit tight at the moment and you can never have enough t-shirts and shorts!

There is no problem being stuck for inspiration when you head to Octer, you can then click through to a particular store when you see something you fancy that looks good and is on budget.  Otherwise I find shopping time consuming and not that enjoyable, your usual go to stores might not have what you want, so using a site like Octer introduces you to ones you never thought to try before. 

It’s great seeing all the prices, because I don’t have a huge amount to spend on clothes so how much things cost is a big factor when it comes to where I shop.  I only click through to the items I like the look of AND are affordable.  Personally I like to spend about £10-£15 on the boys swimming trunks so anything much above that doesn’t really get considered.

I am really fussy with swimming trunks (I don’t like them too tight or short), but one click on Swim & Beach wear and already I have lots of ideas.  The boys are getting a bit older now so have different thoughts to me.  This is a site we can easily look at together and pick out something that keeps everyone happy without the hassle of dragging the boys round the shops.  The choice on Octer goes on and on, the images keep loading and there is just about every design of trunks you can imagine included.

You can limit your search to a particular store but I like having the freedom of more choice.  Otherwise I might not have found the items below.

The Gap Sea Life Swim Trunks are fabulous and at £12.95 is a price I am more than happy to pay.  I love them in both the orange buoy (as seen below) and deep cobalt.

I spotted some Kids’ striped flip-flops from Marks & Spencers for a bargain £8.

From Monsoon I really liked the Caleb Trilby (£12) to keep the boys protected from the sun but still looking super stylish.

Shopping has never been so easy before!

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