Tuesday, 14 February 2017

WILF Books Review & Giveaway

My boys were delighted when a package of books arrived for them from WILF Books, both the boys really enjoy reading though and its something I want to continue to encourage.  The three books that were sent were perfect for their age, ability and interests.  We had a book based on the motion picture The Jungle Book (The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack), Fizzlebert Stump and the Bearded Boy (for a bit of humour) and then the true story of Tom & Misha Dolphin Rescue.

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You fill in a form when you sign up so can tailor the type of books to those that would appeal most to your children.  It’s quite a thorough form so I should imagine the majority of the time WILF Books get the packages right.

The boys books were wrapped in tissue paper and they enjoyed seeing what books were included in their package.  The founders of WILF Books Callum and Amelia want to help you find books that encourage curiosity, kindness and honesty.  Traits we all want to foster in our children.  I think it’s admirable that the founders have put so much thought into the development of their book subscription service.  Moral books are one of the options that help promote good behaviour and conduct so I was quick to tick that box.

You can watch the video from the founders to see their commitment and passion. 

If you own one of the books already you could send it back in the freepost envelope supplied and share it with someone else, so you never know when you might receive a bonus book from someone doing this themselves!  It is of course completely optional as your welcome to do as you please with your books once you have received them.  You can even send back a different unused book from home if you wanted to keep the love of books going around.  No more books collecting dust on bookshelves you can put them to good use.

I liked the little message instead the box when you opened it, “Do the right thing… even when no-one is looking!” – you have to love the team at WILF Books they really want children to grow up well.

I have a competition to giveaway a month subscription worth £19.95.  If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 13th of March.

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